Users and Permissions Overview

Roles determine what you and your teammates can see and edit in Tettra. Admin roles that are designed for people responsible for managing accounts and billing. And there are also other more limited roles for team members and guests.

All user types (regardless of role) will be considered in your account's overall user count for billing.

Types of roles

Admins overview

  • This role is for your core group of Tettra champions--the managers of your Tettra account.
  • Admins can do everything in your Tettra Account. 
  • They have full account access to manage content, users, permissions, billing, and run export.

Editors overview

  • This role is for your managers and content owners--anyone you want to rearrange and organize categories, invite new users, and access team settings.
  • Editors can do almost everything that Admins can do, but cannot edit the subscription, remove users, edit the team home, delete others' questions, export all page content, or access usage analytics reports.
  • Editors can view but not edit billing information, and invite new users.

Contributors overview

  • This role is for your subject-matter experts. They can create and edit content and move pages, but cannot create, update, move, or pin categories or subcategories.
  • Contributors can create and edit pages, but not categories--so they can't change the organizational structure of your content.
  • Unlike editors, contributors cannot view all users or invite new users, or view billing and subscription information.

Read-only users overview

  • This role is for your viewers and front-line employees.
  • Read-only users can view other users, search and view pages, thank page creators (🙏🏼), and use the questions and page requests features.
  • Access to read pages, ask questions, make requests, and create comments

Guests overview

  • This role is for your contractors, partners, or part-time employees.
  • A guest is essentially a contributor who is limited to only the categories you choose. 
  • Unlike the contributor role, the guest cannot create or update templates.

The Guest and Read-Only User Roles are only available on our paid Scaling and Enterprise plans.


In Tettra, each user has a role that dictates their level of access to Tettra's features. The table below details the specific permissions for each user type.

Managing users






View users

Invite users

Grant the Guest user access to specific categories

Add users in bulk

Change user types

Add users in bulk

Deactivate users

Modify deactivated users

Set a default user role for new users

Reactivate users

Managing categories & pages






Create pages

View pages

Edit pages

Search all pages

Bookmark pages & categories

Create page requests

Change page viewing and category permissions

Transfer content ownership

See page viewers

Share a draft with a user

Delete a user from a draft

Update a page owner

Restrict page edits

Create a public category

Change private categories to public

Share a private page outside Tettra

Share a page with a link

Use the Slack shortcut to search inside channels and DMs

Comment on pages

React to pages

Ask questions

Comment on/Answer questions

Use templates

Access version history

Verify pages

Pin, move, or archive pages

Pin pages to dashboard

Suggest page edits for approval