Questions & answers overview

Your team probably asks a lot of questions in all sorts of places like email, chat, video calls, or in-person. And when your subject-matter experts address these questions, the answers are often trapped in email, lost in Slack, or never actually written down for the next person with the same question to reuse.
The good news is that Tettra helps you capture all those questions in one place, assign subject-matter experts on your team to answer them, and makes it easy to reuse the answers in chat.
Ask questions in the Tettra web app
Upvote questions
Edit, archive, and permanently delete questions
Answer a question with an existing page
Mark and unmark an answer as correct
Ask and Answer Questions in Slack

You can view your team's list of questions by clicking Questions on the left sidebar.

As for answers, they are posted on the thread of that specific question, and they can be sent through the web app or chat. Every person on your team can post an answer, including Read-only users.