How to ask questions in the Tettra web app

Asking questions in Tettra allows you to get answers from your team or from our AI Bot, Kai.

• Anyone on your team with a Tettra account login can ask questions, including Read-only users.
When a question is asked in a category that is attached to a Slack Channel, a notification for the question will be sent into Slack. Learn more about adding Slack notifications here.

Asking a question

Step 1. Click the add icon in the upper right corner of the screen to toggle the dropdown menu, or open search by clicking in the search bar or with the keystroke CMD-K.

Select Ask a question:


Step 2. Fill out the Ask a question form with the question, additional details, category or subcategory, and the subject matter expert who can answer your question. You can choose more than one subject matter expert and both assignee's will be notified depending on their notification preferences.




If you don't have a specific teammate or subject matter expert in mind but have identified the category of the question, you should choose the CATEGORY OWNER. That person will direct your question to the subject matter expert or answer it themselves. A notification will be sent to the assigned person via Slack or email (depending on their personal notification preferences).




Answers from Tettra's AI

Tettra's AI features are only available on our Scaling and Professional plans. Learn how to turn on AI in our article Enabling Tettra's AI Features.

After you ask the question, Tettra's AI Bot, Kai, will ask if you'd like it to try answering the question:


Click Ask Kai and it will search your knowledge base and suggest a probable answer with a Tettra page and summary:


Marking an answer

After you click Create question, you and other users in your Tettra space can make comments and mark one of the comments as the correct answer. Click on the three dots next to the comment, and then on Mark as answer.