How to Invite Users

Tettra allows you to add users through Slack, Google Workspace, or email.

If you have a lot of team members that you want to invite to Tettra, consider adding them in bulk. Follow the instructions here.

Step 1. Team settings

Click your team's name to toggle the dropdown menu. Select Team settings.


In the  Team members page, click Invite teammates.



Step 2. Select users

Select who you want to send invites to and set their role. You can select all the remaining users from your Slack or Google Workspace team or just pick a few. You can also invite users by email. Once you're done, click Next.



Step 3. Choose users

On the Team member onboarding, you can choose where to direct your new users on their first sign in:

  • Template - This will prompt a new user to fill out a draft using a Template on first login
  • Page - This will redirect a new user to a specific page on first login 
  • Dashboard - This will direct a new user to the main Dashboard on first login

You can also add an optional invite message to make things a bit more personal. The custom message will display in the invite email like this:


Hit Send 1 invite after you're done. This action will send an invite to each team member. When a user signs in through Google or Slack rather than an explicit invite, they will be redirected to the option you chose.



Reinvite a user or copy a direct invite link

If an invitee does not receive an email, you can resend a pending invite in the Invited tab on the Team members page. Just click the dropdown menu right next to the invitee's details and click Resend invite.



If the invite email is not making to the invitee's inbox, you can click Copy invite link and send it to them directly.