How to add users in bulk


If you want to invite multiple users at once, you can do so by adding multiple email addresses to the invite form email field.


Step 1. Go to your Tettra account and click your team's name to access the dropdown menu. Select Manage users.

Once in the Team members page, click Invite teammates.

Step 2. Select the role of the users you want to add, then choose Email contacts. In the Enter emails field, type a comma separated list of your email contacts. After which, hit enter, or click the Add email option.  Click Next  to continue.

Step 3. On the Team member onboarding, you can choose where to direct your new users. You can also add an optional message to make things a bit more personal. Hit Send 1 invite after you're done.

The button will say Send 1 invite, but our system will break up the comma-separated list and send multiple invites.