Admin Role Overview

Tettra Admins have the primary authority for your Tettra account. They have the highest level of access to all of Tettra's features and users. Thus, this role is often assigned to managers or team leaders.

The Admin role is available on all our plans. However, the level of accessibility may differ for each plan. Learn more about our plans here.

 All user types (regardless of role) will be considered in your account's overall user count.

 Admin features

 Here are some of the things that Admins can do within the Tettra account: 

  • create or edit pages, categories, and subcategories 
  • use templates 
  • access version history 
  • verify pages 
  • pin, move, or archive pages 
  • invite users 
  • change permissions 

The admin has access to the full team settings page:


The admin has access to the full team settingsp: