Guest User Role Overview

The Guest and Read-Only User Roles are only available on our paid Scaling and Enterprise plans.

Tettra has a Guest user feature that allows you to add people outside your team and restrict their access to certain items. Here are some situations where this can be handy:

  • If you want to invite contractors and interns  
  • If you want your clients to see certain pages 
  • If you want to add new employees who are still in the onboarding phase 
  • If you're a digital agency needing a centralized place to collaborate with your clients

Guests can do the same things that regular users can do (including sharing and printing pages), provided they're in a category to which you've invited them. They can also see all information within public categories but will not be able to edit those pages unless they are explicitly given access. You may add or remove a guest's access to categories at any time.

The Guest user role is only available on the Scaling and the Enterprise plan. Learn more about our plans here

All user types (regardless of role) will be considered in your account's overall user count.