How to deactivate users


If you wish to delete users who are no longer part of your team or are inactive, you can do so through your account's settings.

  • Deactivated users will no longer have access to any Tettra page.
  • You will no longer be billed for deactivated users.
    • If you paid for annual licenses, you can repurpose a deactivated license to a new user.
  • Any pages authored by the deactivated user will remain within your Tettra account.

All Admins have the ability to deactivate users. You can remove any user other than yourself.


Step 1. Go to your Tettra account and click your team's name to access the dropdown menu. Select Manage users.

Step 2. On the Team members page, click the dropdown menu next to the user you'd like to deactivate and select Deactivate.

If you don't see the dropdown menu option, then you likely need Admin privileges. Reach out to one of your team's administrators to get the proper account access.

Step 3. When redirected to the confirmation page, transfer the user's content (if they are responsible for any pages within Tettra) to an active team member. Once you have chosen a user, click Transfer and deactivate.

Learn more about transferring content ownership here.

Step 4. The deactivated user will then appear in the Deactivated tab.