How to invite guest users


Inviting Guest users to Tettra can be done through four easy steps.

Only Admins can invite Guest users.

The Guest user role is only available on the Scaling and the Enterprise plan. Learn more about our plans here.


Step 1. Click your team's name to toggle the dropdown menu. Select Manage users.

Step 2. On the Team members page, click Invite teammates.

Step 3. Select Guest for the user role, and then add the person's Email. Hit Next.

Step 4. Send them an optional invite message and click Send 1 invite.

Adding guest users to categories

After you've invited a guest user, you'll need to add the categories that should be visible.

Find the guest user in Team Settings / Manage Users and click Categories for the user's row.

In the popup, choose the categories that the guest user should have access to:

When the guest user logs in, only the categories they were added to and public categories will be visible: