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Tettra vs Google Docs

If you're like most teams who are searching for an internal knowledge management solution, you're probably keeping your current documentation spread out across tools like Google Docs. This might work in the beginning stages but can cause a few headaches in the long run. There are quite a few differences between Tettra and Google docs, but at the very core, we prioritize the organization of your documents.

Tettra has a viewable category hierarchy for discoverability 

  • While Google Docs/Drive folders provide some hierarchy to work from, they can often be cumbersome. You can't easily see them when viewing a Google Doc, and browsing can be a nightmare when you're unsure what folder a particular document is located in. 
  • Tettra provides a clear hierarchy of categories > subcategories > pages that can be viewed from the left sidebar on any page in the account. 

Tettra's search actually works

  • Google Docs search is lackluster and pulls in a lot of unnecessary results when you're specifically looking for internal documentation (Slides, Sheets, etc.).
  • Tettra indexes the information you need to help deliver the best search experience. You can also search Tettra directly from Slack using our slash command

Tettra has a published state

  • Google Docs is always in edit mode and lacks a published state, so you don't know what is a draft vs. what is current. In comparison, Tettra has a draft and a published form. You can also access the version history of a page if you want to restore a previous edit. 
  • Google Docs drafts are mixed in with published documents, making it harder to find what you need. 

Tettra has an internal ticketing system 

  • Our internal question system lets your team request answers from your subject matter experts. This helps you create, organize and update your documents while getting the rest of the team involved. 
  • Google Docs doesn't have an internal ticketing system for documents.

Tettra documents are open by default

  • Google Docs are private by default. This means your team members have to remember their titles to share them, which they often don't. 
  • If you don't have access to a Google document, you won't know it exists. 
  • Putting documents in a folder in a shared drive takes too many clicks. 

Tettra's editor puts the focus on readability 

  • Google Docs gives the user too much flexibility with styling, which means documents aren't consistent and challenging to read. We find that many users don't utilize much of this functionality because it's too overwhelming. 

Tettra is for evergreen documents 

  • Tettra excels at helping you organize your evergreen documents to make them easily accessible in the context of conversations. We even help surface pages that might be out of date with out Stale pages report.

Tettra keeps your team updated with notifications and helps your team passively share knowledge 

Tettra has viewing analytics 


  • Google Docs doesn't let you embed videos. Tettra allows you to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and more.