Getting Started for Writers

 As a writer or subject matter expert, you are expected to answer questions and produce detailed documentation for your team. To get you started on your team's wiki, here are some core actions that you can do.

1. Create a new page

 Creating a Tettra page to document your team's knowledge can be done in two easy steps. Read our guide on creating a new page for more details, or create a new page from Slack using the slash command.

2. Edit an existing page

 Tettra has an edit feature that allows you to update every page in your account. Visit our guide on editing an existing page to learn more. Meanwhile, if you have edited a page and are unsure if you have saved the changes, check out your drafts.

3. Start a page from a template

 You can use templates to create pages with pre-defined structures. Review starting a page from a template for more details, or create and edit your own template for your fellow writers to use.

4. Style text

 Tettra supports a specific set of font options. We do not allow changing font colors or styles as we want every page to be easy to read. Learn more about this in our styling text guide. It includes a pretty detailed description of our highlight controls feature.

5. Create a new category

 Categories are the primary way to organize your content in Tettra. You can create an unlimited amount of categories, but we recommend keeping your structure as shallow as reasonably possible to increase the findability of your documents. Check out our article on creating a new category to get you started in organizing.

6. Create a new subcategory

 Subcategories give you the ability to further group related content within categories for better discoverability and organization. Review our guide on creating and editing a subcategory for more details.