How to create and edit subcategories


You can create subcategories within categories to further organize your Tettra content. This is possible in four easy steps.

You can create an unlimited amount of nested subcategories (subcategories within a subcategory), but we recommend keeping your structure as shallow as reasonably possible to increase the findability of your documents.

Subcategories inherit the permissions from the top-level category. Learn more about category permissions here.


Step 1. Hover over the category in the sidebar, open the dropdown menu and click New subcategory.

You can also create a subcategory from inside a category. Just click the New dropdown and select Subcategory.

Step 2. Fill out the form with the necessary details and click Create subcategory.

Once the subcategory is created, the description will appear under the subcategory name, and the icon/color will be visible wherever the subcategory is listed. You can also choose to reorder your subcategory content by Name or Last modified date. 

Step 3. If you wish to edit the subcategory you created, open it and click the kebab menu on the upper right side. Select Edit subcategory.

Step 4. Make the edits necessary to the form and click Update subcategory once done.