How to edit an existing page


If you wish to update the content of a page, you can do so by creating a Draft through Tettra's edit feature. 

Drafts are private to you until you publish them, so editing a page change the current source of truth until you publish your edits. 


Step 1. Open an existing page and click Edit on the upper right side.

Step 2. Once done editing, click Publish page to replace the current source of truth with your new version. A revision of the page will also be created.

If you fail to click Publish page, you can still review the changes you made because Tettra automatically saves them as you type. Once you open the page again, you'll see the suggested actions on the upper right side of the screen. 

Click Continue Editing to start editing your draft again, or Discard Changes to delete your draft.

Discarded drafts cannot be recovered, so be 100% sure you don't need your draft before discarding it.