How to import a file into Tettra

Tettra currently supports importing Word Docs, Markdown, and HTML files (.docx, .md, .html). 

Note: there is a 1 MB document limit for importing a document as a page. For larger files, you can embed those into an existing Tettra page

Uploaded document contents are not searchable. Instead of uploading, consider copying and pasting the contents of the file into a Tettra page. You can copy formatted text, headers, images, etc. from Google Docs and paste it right into a new Tettra page. Tettra will automatically carry over most of the formatting.

Step 1. Click + on the upper left corner of the screen to toggle the dropdown menu. Select Import a document as a page.



Step 2. In the modal, drag-and-drop or select a file from your device. This will automatically open a new draft that contains your newly imported content. Most of the formatting in the document (e.g., bold/italic text, images, headers) would carry over into Tettra's formatting. carry over into Tettra's formatting.



Troubleshooting file imports 

If you're having trouble importing a file into Tettra, try these tips below:

  • Remove any animated GIFs 
  • Break the file up into smaller files
  • Double check the file type to make sure it's supported (.docx, .md, .html)
  • If you continue to have problems, please send a report to [email protected] with the file you're trying to import and we'll look into it further

Importing Google Docs and other file types

Tettra currently does not support a way to import Google Docs directly from Google Drive but we have a few alternatives you can try:

  • Copy and paste the content of your Google Doc into Tettra. We will automatically carry over most of its formatting.   
  • Embed the Google Doc. 
  • Add the Google Doc as an external link.

If there are other files that you want to import but are not supported, reach out to us over chat or send an email to [email protected]. We'll keep you notified when those particular file types are available for import.