Page editor overview

The page editor is the core of Tettra. It allows subject matter experts to create pages that answer the frequently asked questions from your team. It also has a lot of features that help improve the readability and organization of your documentation.

Creating and managing pages

Creating a new page
Uploading a video on a Tettra page
Editing an existing page
Uploading, attaching, and deleting files to a Tettra page
Troubleshooting pages that aren't loading
Can you embed an iFrame in Tettra?
Importing a file into Tettra Embedding Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets
Reverting to a previous version of a page and view changes
Embedding a video in a Tettra page
Referencing or linking a Tettra page to another page Embedding a PDF
Inserting and deleting an image on a page Embedding a Keynote presentation
Resizing and aligning images
Exporting your content
Pinning a page to the top of a category Printing, exporting, and saving a page as a password protected PDF
Moving pages Archiving, restoring, and permanently deleting a page
Can I import a Google Doc in Tettra? Sharing a private page outside Tettra
Updating a page owner Changing page viewing and category permissions

Styling and formatting pages

About styling text
How code blocks work
About insert controls
Inserting, exiting, and deleting a callout box
About Table of contents Adding tags in a page
About auto-markdown shortcuts Creating a table in the Tettra page editor
Tips on how to insert and use emoji
Does Tettra support markdown paste?

Collaborating on pages

About the Recent activity page Sharing pages via email
About public content Mentioning a teammate in a page
About Content suggestions Commenting on a page
How searching in Tettra works Setting up verification and verifying page content
Troubleshooting search terms that aren't showing expected results Deleting a verification
How to use the '.new' URL shortcuts
Does Tettra allow collaborative editing?
Pinning pages to the bulletin board Does Tettra have a native Mac or PC app for offline mode?
How page viewers tracking work
Reacting to a page
Link to a specific header in a page (anchor link)