How to print, export, and save a page as a PDF


You cant print, download, and encrypt a single page using Tettra's share functionality.

This option is available on every plan, but saved PDFs will not be updated if you make any changes to the Tettra page.


Step 1. Navigate to a page and click Share in the upper right corner.

You'll then see a pop-up. Click Print and hit Print page.

Alternative keyboard shortcuts to access the Print page:
  • Mac OS: ⌘ + P
  • Windows: Ctrl + P

Step 2. On the Print page, choose print as the Destination and hit Print.

Comments are included when you print a page. If you don't want to include the comments, highlight the text on your page and only print the Selection only.

To remove the headers and footers, click more settings and uncheck the Headers and footers option.

Alternatively, you can select Save as PDF as the Destination and click Save.

Adding a password to PDFs

Once you have saved the PDF, secure it using a password by following these Adobe Acrobat instructions.