Troubleshoot Slash Command on Slack

The Tettra slash command isn't working correctly. For example, the /tettra option does not show up in your Slack app.

You can fix the Tettra slash command by resetting your Slack app permissions. Below is a step by step guide:

Step 1: Settings & administration

When you're on your Slack Workspace, click on the Workspace name on the top left. Click Settings & administration and on the menu that will appear, click Manage apps




Step 2: Tettra Wiki

This will take you to the Slack app directory. Search tettra and then click Tettra Wiki.



Step 3: Configuration

Once you'd redirected to the Tettra app page, click Configuration



Step 4: Remove app

On the Configuration tab, scroll to the bottom and click Remove App. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click Remove App again.



Step 5: Team integrations

Go to your Tettra account and click your team's name to access Team integrations.


Step 6: Reconnect

Once you click Team integrations, you should see Slack's integration status. Click RECONNECT.



Step 7: Allow

This will redirect you to the permissions confirmation page. Click Allow.



Step 8: Refresh

Refresh Slack on your browser or restart your Slack app if you're using the app.