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How Slack shortcuts and slash commands work

Slash commands (also known as shortcuts) are special actions you can use in Slack. Tettra’s slash commands let you do the following:  

  • Search for Tettra pages in any Slack channel or direct message 
  • Create page drafts directly from Slack 
  • Request a new page inside of Slack

Available Slack commands 

  • Searching for pages: Type /tettra find {query} to search your knowledge base. 
  • Creating pages: Type /tettra new {title} to create a new page. 
  • Request a page: Type /tettra request {title} to request a page. 
  • Request a page assigned to a user: Type /tettra request @user {title} to request a page from that user. 
  • Help: Type /tettra help to view a list of commands as shown below.



Searching in Slack

To search for a Tettra page from Slack, click the shortcut icon as shown below, search  tettra, and click on the Tettra app that will appear above the search field. You can also type /tettra.




Add the word find before the term you want to search for: /tettra find [search term]



The results from Tettra are only visible to you. If you'd like to share a page within a Slack channel, click  Share with channel, and the content from the Tettra page will display in Slack.

Requesting a Tettra page from Slack

To create a page request from Slack, you need to add the word  request and then the title: /tettra request [title]

You can also assign a page request to a teammate by including an @mention: /tettra suggest @[slack username] [title]

Creating Tettra page drafts from Slack

To create page drafts in Tettra right from Slack, you need to add the word  new and then the page title: /tettra new [page title]

 To edit the draft, click the  Edit draft link that will appear, and you'll be redirected to the page editor to write your content.




Creating a page request from an existing Slack message

Just hover over any Slack message, click  More actions, select Suggest a page Tettra Wiki, and fill out your page request details.




Once you've done this, three things will happen:

  1. The page request will be  added to your Tettra account so that people know the page is being worked on.



2. A notification will be sent into the Slack channel so that everyone knows the page request was captured.


3. The assignee will be  notified via Slack and email that a teammate requested them to write a page.