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Setting Up Your External Site

This feature is available on paid plans. If you're in a free trial and would like to implement External Sites now, upgrade your account to a paid subscription.

To set up an external site, first identify a category you want to share with the world. This could be an existing category, or a category you create. This article explains how to create a new category - there's a Create a new category button on the bottom left of your Tettra space.

After you know which category you want to make public, head to your account settings and navigate to "External sites". Click the Create an external site button.


These are the items you'll need to enter:

  • The category to make into an external site
  • A logo for your external site (optional)
  • The title - it's not the same as your category title, which is not publicly visible
  • Description - this shows up at the top of your external site beneath the title
  • Subdomain - this will appear in the URL for your site
  • Custom domain  - if you'd like, you can use your own domain for this site 
  • Search - you can enable or disable a search box, which will appear on the top right of your site


Getting a 404 error on your External Site? Here are some reasons that may happen:
- External Site visibility is set to "private."
- The selected Category for the External Site is empty, with no pages or folders.
- The selected Category used to include some pages but they have all been archived.