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How to create a new category

Creating new categories in Tettra allows you to easily organize your content to make it more discoverable for your teammates. Categories act as the top-level navigation for your 

Step 1. Go to the left sidebar and click Create a new category.


Step 2. Fill out the Create new category form. Once you are done, click Create category.



  • Name: This can be any unique name and include letters, numbers, emojis, and special characters. You can't have two categories with the same name at the same level of depth.  
  • Description: This will appear at the top of the category. 
  • Category owners: The category owners will be the suggested assignees for requests and questions in that category.

Only Admin and Editor user types can be set as category owners. Learn more about user role permissions here.  

  • Color and Icon: This will appear in the left sidebar and on any page list view. Set custom colors using hex codes. 
  • Who should be able to view this category?
    • The default is Everyone, which allows anyone in your team with a login to Tettra to view/edit all pages in a category.  
    • If you would like to allow only certain people and teams to view a category, change to Only certain people and groups then type the teammates or groups you would like to be able to access the category.
    • If you'd like the entire category to be visible without logging in, choose The Public.  

  • What order should the items appear in?: You can order your category by last modified date, alphabetically, or a custom order.  
  • Slack notifications: Here you can assign a specific slack channel for notifications. For more information, see Slack channel notifications.