How to reorder and sort contents in a subcategory


The default order of subcategory contents is by most recently updated, but you can change this to alphabetical or custom.


Step 1. Go to the left sidebar and click the kebab menu right next to the subcategory. Select Edit.

Step 2. At the bottom of the Edit Category form, choose the default order of the subcategory's content. Once you have selected, click Update category.

Subcategories will always appear at the top of the list (except for pinned pages). Meanwhile, pin to subcategory is only available for alphabetical by name and last modified ordering. You can rearrange the order of pinned objects or custom-ordered categories by using the drag and drop icon.

Step 3. You can also filter your pages alphabetically or by the last modified date within the category. Just click Name or Last Modified above the page/subcategory list. Once you're finished with the filtered view, you can either click Clear sort or navigate away from the page.