Categories overview

Categories are the primary way to organize your content in Tettra. You can create an unlimited amount of categories, but we recommend keeping your structure as shallow as reasonably possible to increase the findability of your documents.

Create a new category
Delete a category
Reorder categories
Reorder, filter, and sort contents in a category
Move content from one category to another
Bulk move objects from one category to another
Creating a public category
How to change page viewing and category permissions (aka create a private category)
Changing private categories to public

Navigating Categories

Your categories are visible in the left sidebar of every Tettra screen. If you want a more detailed view, click  Categories.

Clicking a specific category in the sidebar will show you its overview. This includes all pages, subcategories, and page requests associated with that category.

Uncategorized Pages

An uncategorized page is a page that is not in a Category or Subcategory. Your uncategorized pages can be accessed under the Categories section in the left hand sidebar: