How to change page viewing and category permissions

Category permissions are available on the Scaling and Professional plans. Learn more about our plans here.

Page permissions for who can view what are set at the category level. When a new page or subcategory is created, it will inherit its top-level category's permissions. Categories are also visible to all your teammates by default unless you change the category viewing permissions.

For  invite-only categories: Team members or groups who are not invited to the category will not be able to see it in the left sidebar and the content inside that category won't show up in the search results.

If you want to make an individual page viewable to certain people (inside or outside your organization/Tettra team) without having to log in or inviting them to an invite-only category, try link sharing.

Step 1. Navigate to the category and click Edit category in the dropdown menu right next to Team visible



Advanced permissions (sharing with specific people) and access to Google Groups are only available on our Scaling plan


Step 3. Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click Update category to save the changes you made.



Can permissions be set at the subcategory level?

To keep permissions manageable, they can only be set on the top-level category and can't be overridden by the subcategory. If you need to share a page with a specific set of people without inviting them to the entire category, try link sharing.


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