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Tips on multi-account access

While Tettra doesn't currently have a way to support multi-account access with one email address, we do have a few workarounds for logging into multiple accounts.

Changing Email Login Credentials (reach out to Tettra Support)

If you'd like to associate your email address with more than one account, we can help you out! The easiest way around this is for us to change your login credentials for one of your Tettra accounts. Using [email protected] as an example:

Account 1: 

 Account 2: 

This solution will route all email notifications to [email protected] for both accounts, but allows you to sign in with two separate username/passwords combinations.

Use Browser Profiles

Another workaround is to set up different browser profiles. By associating one browser profile with each Tettra account, you can switch back and forth with relative ease. 

Here's a doc that should help you set up browser profiles by browser type.