How to set up verification and verify page content

Sometimes critical information in your account can run the risk of going out of date. Our verification feature ensures this doesn't happen. When you add verification to a page, you will be reminded to verify and update it as needed periodically.

Verification is only available on the Scaling and the Enterprise plan. Learn more about our plans here.

Step 1. Add verification

Navigate to a page and click the kebab menu on the upper right side. Select Add verification.




Step 2. Add verifiers

Fill out the verification pop-up and click Add verification.

Pro tip: You can have just one or multiple verifiers




Step 3. Verify content

Once verification is set up, the assignee will be notified through email or Slack (depending on their notification preferences) on the day the page should be verified, and a banner will appear on the page itself. The assignee should then click Verify page content to complete the process. This will restart the clock for the next time the page needs to be verified.

Readers will see when a page is up for verification, which will let them know whether the page may be out of date.



Step 4. Content suggestions

To see a list of all running verifications, click Content suggestions on the left sidebar and go to the Verified content tab. You can also click the kebab menu that corresponds to the verification and take action from there.