Questions and Answers in Slack


You can use Tettra's Slack integration to capture and questions and answer them without leaving Slack.


When a question get asked in Slack, select "Answer question" in the "More actions' context menu.

You'll be prompted to add details to the question so it can be categorized and assigned to the correct person.

Once the question is created, a new thread will be started on the message. The asker will also be notified in Slack.

You can either answer the question with a new page (which will open the Tettra page editor), or you can select an existing Tettra page that answers the question.

You can search for the correct page in the pop up window after selecting "answer with an existing page".

When you select the page, the question will be marked as answered in Slack and the question asker will be notified in Slack.

The question and answer will be stored in Tettra and searchable for future use.