How to request a new page

Page requests allow you assign pages to write to subject matter experts.

Creating page requests to fill gaps in your knowledge base can be done in two steps.

Step 1. Click the add icon in the upper right corner of the screen to toggle the dropdown menu. Select Request a new page.




Step 2. In the New page request form, fill out the five key information needed and click Create page request.



2. Add more details to your page request (optional): This is where you write the specifics of your question. This will help your team's writers to come up with comprehensive content for your requested page.

3. Choose a category: Here, you need to identify the category of the page you are requesting. Once you've chosen the category and the page is requested, it will show up in the left sidebar as a placeholder alongside your other pages. This is to inform your teammates that a new page is coming soon.



If you've set up notifications for each category, it will then send a notification to the corresponding Slack channel that a new page request was created.



4. When should this request be created?: You can set a page request to be immediately assigned by selecting Now, or you can schedule it for later.

An example of when you might schedule a page request for later is when you want a teammate to document the results of a marketing campaign one month after it launches.

 5. Who's the best person to complete this page request?: If you know who the subject-matter expert is on the topic, then assign it directly to that person. The assignee will be notified via Slack and email regarding the page request.

If you don't have a specific teammate in mind but have identified the category of the page request, you should choose the

CATEGORY OWNER. That person will direct your request to the subject matter expert or answer it themselves.




If there is no category owner and you are still stumped, just set the owner to None. The page request will show up in the Content suggestions as unassigned, and someone who knows the best person to answer can reassign it or answer it themselves.  

 6. Which template should this page use?: You can attach a template to a page request, which will serve as the outline when the assignee starts writing the page. Learn more about templates here.