About the monthly analytics email

To help you assess whether your team is running effectively through the help of your Tettra wiki, you will receive stats from your account through a monthly email report.

The monthly analytics email is only available on the Scaling and Professional plans. Learn more about our plans here.

Usage analytics reports are sent to all Admins, but you can add more recipients if you'd like. Reach out to our tea[email protected], and we would be happy to take care of that for you.

About the data

Tettra's usage analytics will show you which of your pages are viewed the most and who's contributing to your Tettra account. We'll send you a monthly report that contains detailed analytics about the following: 

  • The number of pages created in the previous month 
  • The number of pages viewed in the previous month 
  • The top pages and their view count 
  • The most active users 
  • The number of pages each user created 
  • The number of pages each user viewed

 You'll also get an attached .csv with a greater level of detail and the raw analytics data. 

 Below is an example of data we include in your monthly analytics report. 



 You'll also get data about each member of your team and their level of interaction with Tettra. 



Attached Files

Attached to the analytics email, you'll find 3 .csv files:

  • Tettra User Activity includes a list of users, their role types, and activity in your Tettra space.
  • Tettra Page Activity catalogs all of your Tettra pages, their categories, creators, and usage.
  • Tettra Question Activity lists the questions asked in Tettra, their categories, creators, and data about answers.

Pulling analytics on demand

Admins can pull account analytics for each month anytime. To start, click Team Settings.

Select the month and year of the analytics report you'd like, and click Request analytics. An email will be sent to your inbox with that month's analytics along with .csv files of the raw data.