How to update your team name, logo, and URL


If you would like to edit your team's logo, name, or URL, you can do so in your account's settings.


Step 1. Go to your Tettra account and click your team's name to access the dropdown menu. Select Team settings.

Once in the  Team settings, choose Team profile

Step 2. Here you'll see the following three settings:

  • Team icon: Select UPLOAD NEW TEAM ICON or REMOVE TEAM ICON to update your team's logo.
  • Display name: Type in your company's name under Display name to update your Team's name.
  • Team URL: Click on change URL to update your team URL. Team URLs follow this structure:[.....]

Changing your team URL

In some cases, existing links may break while changing the URL and this cannot be undone. You can reach out to so we can check this if you have concerns.

For the Team URL: After you click on the change URL link, you'll see a confirmation pop-up. Enter your team's New URL and hit Change URL to save the changes.