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How does the Zapier integration work

Tettra's Zapier integration allows you to automatically create Tettra pages and suggestions based on certain conditions and workflows. Here's how you can create a Zap with Tettra's Create Page and Create Suggestions actions.

Step 1. Create Zap

On the left sidebar of your Zapier account, click Create Zap.




Step 2. Choose Trigger

Choose a Trigger. This can be anything you like.



Step 3. Choose Tettra as Action

Once the trigger is set up, select Tettra as the Action app. Type the word tettra and click the app that appears.

If Tettra does not show up, you have not enabled the app on your Zapier account. Reach out to us to get it enabled.




Step 4. Select Action

Select Create Page or Create Suggestions for the Action Event and click Continue.




Step 5. Sign in

Sign in to your Tettra account.




Step 6. Add API credentials

A window will pop up. Find your API credentials here




Step 7. Allow access

Paste the API Key and Team ID to the corresponding fields on the pop-up window and then click Yes, Continue.




This will bring you back to the Zap creation page. Click Continue.



Step 8. Set up the action

Next, complete the Set up action by adding the Title, Body or Description, and Category of the page or suggestions. 

For the Body of your page, you can add some basic HTML such as headers, lists, etc. Meanwhile, for the Title, you can use some dynamic values such as date. Hit Continue once you complete all the fields.




Once you click Continue, you will be asked to test the Zap. If you want to skip this and turn on the Zap, click Skip Test.




Step 9. Turn on the Zap!

That's it; you're done! Toggle the Ready to turn on your Zap on? at the bottom of your screen, and you are all set.