How to find your API credentials


In order to use the Tettra API, you need to generate an API key. Your API key is unique to your user and team and has the same page viewing permissions as your user account.

API keys are only available on the  Scaling and the Enterprise plans. See all our plan details here.


Step 1. Go to My settings.

Step 2. Scroll to My integrations and click on Generate API Key.

Once you do this, you'll be able to see your API Key and Team ID. You can click on the copy icon to copy the data and paste it wherever it's required.

🚨 API credentials are tied to individual accounts, therefore, the search endpoint will return any results that are accessible for that user, including private categories.

If you only want to show search results for team-wide categories, then create a new user that doesn't have access to any private categories and use that user to generate the API credentials.