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Kai : Instant AI Answers

Tettra's AI features are only available on our paid Scaling and Professional plans. Learn how to turn on AI in our article Enabling Tettra's AI Features.

This article covers Kai in Slack. Kai can also answer the questions your team asks in the Tettra app. See how in our article, How to ask questions in the Tettra web app.

Kai stands for Knowledge AI - it's an AI-powered bot trained on your Tettra knowledge base who can give quick answers. Only Admins, but not other team members, will be able to see your conversation with Kai because it's a direct message between you and the bot

There are two or three steps to working with Kai:

  1. Ask a question and get an answer.
  2. Tell Kai: is this a good answer or bad answer?
  3. (Optional) If it was a bad answer, ask a teammate for the right answer, directly from the Slack thread.

1. Ask a question

In Slack, click on Kai in your sidebar. Type in a question:


You can also turn your colleague's questions in any Slack channel into a question, using the three dots next to the comment:


Kai will answer in a thread like this:


Stale pages won't be indexed by our AI, so that only the most accurate information is included. Private pages are also excluded.

2. Good answer or bad answer?

Here's an example: I asked Kai about user role permissions, and it gave me a good answer, but sent me to the wrong page (an onboarding page!)


This helps train the AI so you and your team get better answers next time!

3. Ask a teammate 

If you click "👎 Bad answer," you'll see an "Ask teammates" button:


That will prompt you to send a question to Tettra.

Admin Review

Admins can view questions that have been asked in Slack in the Questions area of Tettra, in the Slack Kai tab:


As of now, Kai can't be summoned in a direct message. Instead, keep using the other Slack integration features like the slash command.