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Tettra Help Docs

Enabling Tettra's AI Features

Tettra's AI features are only available on our Scaling and Professional plans. Learn more about our plans here.

To start using Kai, Tettra's AI bot, enable it in your Account Settings and then in Slack.

1. Navigate to Account Settings

  1. Click on your team name on the top left to access the menu.
  2. Choose Team settings.
  3. Click on Admin settings.
  4. After reviewing the terms of service, check the box next to Enable AI features.


2. Enable the Tettra Wiki app in Slack

You may already have the Tettra app enabled in Slack - if so, you'll see it here in the sidebar:


If you don't see Kai in your sidebar, click on Apps, and then enable the Tettra Wiki app:


3. Ask Kai a test question in Slack

Navigate to Tettrabot in the Apps section of your Slack space like this:


In your Slack space, use the Tettrabot app to ask a question in the message box, and see what the AI answers! See our article, Kai: Instant AI Answers for more on how Kai works.