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AI Questions on Tettra Pages

Tettra's AI features are only available on our paid Scaling and Professional plans. Learn how to turn on AI in our article Enabling Tettra's AI Features.

What are AI Questions?

When Tettra's AI runs on a page, the AI bot generates questions like these on our Company Holidays page:


You can also see the questions in your Questions section on the left-hand sidebar:


Hot tip: if you want to see all the questions Kai has generated across your pages, look in your Questions tab, then click on "AI Generated".

To save questions to be available in search results in the future, click on an AI-generated answer and click the Save Answer button. This improves search results! 🎉


How do I generate questions for a page?

Only new and recently-edited pages will have questions. You can generate questions by clicking on the Questions button, and then Generate questions:


What do I do if Kai gets it wrong?

Questions can be deleted. To delete them, click the Questions button at the bottom of a page, then hover over a question, and click the X:


Or from the questions section, click the X to remove the question:


This removes the question and its answer from the AI search index, and it will no longer be used to provide answers or direct search results.