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How to create a table in the Tettra page editor

There are four ways to add a table to your Tettra page:  

  1. by using the insert table feature of the page editor
  2. copying and pasting a table from an external source (like Google Sheets or Excel) 
  3. embedding an Airtable. 
  4. embedding a Google Sheet

1. Using the insert table feature

Step 1. In the page editor, click the insert button on the left side of the page and select the option to add a table. 



Step 2. To add extra columns or rows, click the kebab menus located by the table borders.



Within any cell, you can type text or add other elements such as images, styled texts, and hyperlinks. 

To add images into a table, copy and paste them rather than using the upload feature:


2. Copying and pasting

Step 1. Copy a table from an external source like Google Sheets, Excel, etc.



Step 2. Right-click in the Tettra page editor and select Paste.



3. Embedding an Airtable

Step 1. Navigate to the Airtable, click Share view and select Create a shareable grid view link. Copy the link provided. 



Step 2. Paste the link into the embed feature in Tettra, and your Airtable should appear within the page.



4. Embedding a Google Sheet

You can also embed a  Google Sheet on any Tettra page.Click here Check out our article on How to embed Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets for more details.