Slash commands overview

Slash commands are shortcuts you can type into the Slack message input box to perform an action. There are five Tettra slash commands that you can use within your Slack channels or DMs.

 Using Tettra features in Slack requires a paid account with Slack connected.

Available commands

Searching for pages, questions, and external docs

 Type  /tettra find {query} to search your wiki

Creating a new draft of a page

 Type  /tettra new {title} to create a new page

Create a new request

 Type  /tettra request {title} to request a page

Create a request assigned to a user

 Type  /tettra request @{name} {title} to request a page from a user


 Type  /tettra help to view the help message with available commands


Search and share pages using slash commands

Create a page request in Slack 

Create Tettra page drafts from Slack