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  • How to move pages

    Overview You can move a page to a different category in three ways: through the category list view or from the individual page view. e page list, within the page, or in edit mode. Process Moving a

  • How to move subcategories

    Overview You can move subcategory to a different category or below another subcategory in three steps. Process Step 1. Go to the left sidebar and click the subcategory you want to move. Step 2.

  • How to move a draft

    Overview You can move a draft into a category or subcategory when editing the page itself. Process Step 1. Create a new draft page or edit an exiting page and click Choose Category / Subcategory in

  • How to bulk move pages into a subcategory

    Overview If you don't want to move pages one by one, you can choose to move them in bulk following three steps. Process Step 1. Go to the left sidebar and click the category where the pages belong.

  • How to move an existing page to a subcategory

    Overview You can add an existing page to a subcategory within the page itself. Process Step 1. Navigate to an existing page and click the kebab menu right next to Share. From the options, select

  • How to move the content of one category to another

    Overview As you add to your documentation over time, it's to be expected that you'll want to reconsider your account structure. We make it easy to move your categories around in a way that works best

  • How to bulk move objects from one category to another

    Overview You can bulk move any number of items from a category to a different category/subcategory in four easy steps. Process Step 1. Go to the left sidebar and click the category that contains the

  • Subcategories overview

    Subcategories give you the ability to further group related content within categories for better discoverability and organization. Create and edit subcategories Move subcategories Add a new draft to

  • Categories overview

    Categories are the primary way to organize your content in Tettra. You can create an unlimited amount of categories, but we recommend keeping your structure as shallow as reasonably possible to

  • Can you use markdown for the Zapier integration?

    Unfortunately no, you won't be able to use our supported markdown shortcuts when using zaps to move your documentation. Alternative When you're creating new pages through Zapier, use HTML and your

  • How to add a default category to a template

    Overview While editing a template, you can also choose its default category or subcategory. Process Step 1. In the template editor, click Choose Category / Subcategory in the upper left corner. Step

  • Admins overview

    Tettra Admins have the primary authority for your Tettra account. They have the highest level of access to all of Tettra's features and users. Thus, this role is often assigned to managers or team

  • Read-only users overview

    If you want to allow your team members to access your Tettra knowledge base while limiting their ability to create or edit content, you can invite them as Read-only users. The Read-only user role is

  • Troubleshooting duplicate accounts

    Issue You may run into an issue where new users accidentally create a new account for your team when trying to sign into your existing one. Since duplicate accounts can interfere with your

  • Users and permissions overview

    Roles determine what you and your teammates can see and edit in Tettra. Admin roles that are designed for people responsible for managing accounts and billing. And there are also other more limited

  • How to delete a subcategory

    Overview You can delete a subcategory in just three steps. Deleting a subcategory is permanent and irreversible. However, its content will not be deleted and will become uncategorized. If you wish to

  • Troubleshooting pages that aren't loading

    Issue There may be times when you're trying to access a page, but you're unable to because it isn't loading. How to fix Option 1: Check your browser Occasionally, your browser settings or extensions

  • Page editor overview

    The page editor is the core of Tettra. It allows subject matter experts to create pages that answer the frequently asked questions from your team. It also has a lot of features that help improve the