How to set up the Microsoft Teams integration

There are two steps to add the Tettra app to any team in your Microsoft Teams account. First, you have to find the Tettra app, and then add it to a team.

Finding the Tettra app

Step 1. Teams Apps

Log in to your Microsoft Teams account and click on Apps on the left sidebar menu.



Step 2. Search for Tettra 

This will take you to the Apps page, where you need to search for tettra, and click on the Tettra app.



Step 3. Choose where

On the pop-up that will appear, select where you want to add the Tettra app.



Adding the Tettra app to a team

Step 1. Select team

Search and select a team or channel you want to connect on your Microsoft Teams account.



Step 2. Set up bot

Once you selected something, click on Set up a bot at the bottom right of the pop-up.



When the Tettra app is added to the team, you'll see the following screen:



Step 3. API Key

Paste your API Key and Team ID and click Submit. Learn how to find your API credentials here.



Step 4. Submit

When it's successfully connected, you'll see this message under Submit:



And you'll also get a notification on the Chat section of your Microsoft Teams: