How searching in Microsoft Teams works

There are multiple ways to search for your Tettra content in Microsoft Teams:

  • Search and share in group chats or channels 
  • Private search using the Tettrabot

Search and share in group chats or channels

There are two ways to search Tettra and share pages inside group chats or channels.

Searching with @tettra

You can mention the Tettrabot by typing @tettra in any group chat or channel.




Mentioning  @tettra will pull up the search box that lets you seamlessly find and share your Tettra pages.



Searching with the Message Extension App

To search with the Message Extension, click the Tettra app icon and type your search [query]. Tettra will return a list of search results that you can choose from:



If you don't see the app below your chat input, make sure that the app is installed and pinned.

Choosing a result will add a Card to the chat input box. You can add additional context below the Card. When you're ready, click Send (or use the shortcut Ctrl/cmd + enter). Your Card and any message you added will be sent into the group chat or channel.

Here is an example in action: 



Your teammates can Reply as they usually do under each Card.



Private search using the Tettrabot

Not every search should happen in a chat or channel. Luckily, you can run private searches by messaging Tettrabot directly:

To search, find Tettra in your open Chat list.




If you don't see Tettra, you can filter by name.




And search for tettra in the search field.




How to search using the Tettrabot

To search, type  search [query] and hit enter. For example, if you wanted to search for your Tettra page about your team's onboarding process, type search onboarding process to Tettra. 



The bot will return the results privately to you in the chat thread.



To view the entire content of the page, click Show Page. If you'd like to hide the page content, just click Show Page again to collapse it.



Viewing multiple search results

If there are multiple search results, the Tettrabot will return the Cards in a carousel where you can page through each result.