How to set permissions based on Google Groups

Permissions based on Google Groups are available on the Scaling plan. See all our plan details here.

You must have Groups administrator privileges in Google Workspace in order to turn this on for your team.

Step 1. Team settings

Click your team's name on the upper left corner of the screen to access the dropdown menu. Click Team settings.




Step 2. Connect Groups

On the team settings page, go to User groups and click Connect Google Groups.



Once you've synced your groups you'll see them there, and you're now ready to start setting team permissions.



Step 3. Edit category

Navigate to an invite-only category and click Edit category from the kebab menu:



Step 4. Choose users

In the category settings, make sure your category is set to Only certain people and groups. Click the dropdown to see a list of individual users and Google Groups to pick from.


Step 5. Update category

Once you're done, click Update category, and your permissions will be saved.