How to add an external link

Tettra's external link feature lets you add a link to any webpage or document in Google. The external link will show up in search results and the categories list alongside your native Tettra pages.

You can add three types of links:  

  • Tettra pages: You can add links to Tettra pages that belong in multiple categories 
  • URLs: You can link to any URL without any limitations. 
  • Google Docs: You can link to specific Google Docs.
  • Notion Pages: You can link to a specific Notion Page.

You may need to authorize Google Drive to perform this action.

Adding links to Tettra pages in multiple categories

Step 1. Click the add icon on the upper right side of the screen and select Add a link.




Step 2. Search for the file link in the Select... input box and click it. Identify the link's category and hit Add link.




The link will now show in multiple categories.


For URLs, simply paste the URL in the first field:



Once a link is added, it will then appear on the left side under the category it was added to. In the following example, the Meeting Notes link is a Google Doc and the link is a URL that was added under the Executive Team category.



Renaming links

In case the name of a link needs to be changed in Tettra, you can do so by clicking the kebab icon, and then selecting Rename.



Search for links

Links appear also in search results under the title Results in links.



Adding verification to links

You can add verification to external links, by going to the category or subcategory page where they belong, clicking the kebab icon, and selecting Add verification.