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How to share a page outside Tettra that requires a login

This option is only available on the Scaling and Professional plans. Learn more about our plans here.

If you would like to share a private page with someone outside your organization but still require a login, you can do so using the Guest user role. Note that:

  • The guest user will need to sign in to Tettra to access the pages in the invite-only category.
  • The guest user will not be able to share the page with anyone inside or outside the Tettra account.

If you don't want to require the recipient to login to Tettra, you can also export the page as a PDF, share via email, or create a shareable link.

Step 1. 

Set up an invite-only category following the instructions here.

Step 2. Invite a Guest user through the steps detailed in this article.

Step 3. Once the user has accepted your invite, click the dropdown menu next to an invite-only category and select Edit.



Step 4. Add the Guest user you invited under Only certain people and groups and click Update category.