How to share a page with a link

If you want to share a page with collaborators without giving them access to your entire Tettra account or making the page public, you can opt for link sharing.

This feature is only available on the Scaling and Professional plans and this feature must be approved by our team before it's available. Learn more about our plans here.  

• Generating an authorized link can be done by all user roles except Read-only users.   
• When an external user accesses a page via the authorized link, no other content will be visible in the sidebar.
• You can't share public pages using authorized links as they are already publicly accessible through their normal URL.
• Your page will be indexed by Google if you include the shareable link on an indexed page.

Step 1. Go to a page and click Share.



Step 2. Once on the Share page, select Link and click Get shareable public link.







If you want to share the page again, you'll have to generate and share a new link.