About Content Suggestions

Content suggestions help your team improve your Tettra content by listing all your page requests along with your verified, stale, unowned, and public pages.

Verified content, Stale pages, Unowned pages, and Public content are only available on the Scaling and Professional plans. Learn more about our plans here.

Page requests

Your team can use Page requests to ask for new pages and update existing content. Learn more about page requests here.



Verified content

Verified content lists the pages that needs to be verified by a content owner on a set schedule. Learn more about verification here.



Stale pages

The Stale pages report automatically pulls in pages that haven't been viewed or updated in over three months. You can sort the list by name, location, last modified date, or last viewed date. You can also take action by clicking the kebab menu that corresponds to the page.





Unowned pages

This lists pages that are unowned because their owner has been deactivated. You can change the owner to reassign these pages by pressing Change owner.



Public content

Public content contains a list of pages that are visible to the public outside of your account. Learn more about public content here.