What is the difference between the Starting and Scaling plans?

For a group of ten or fewer users, our free Starting plan may be the best option. However, upgrading to a Scaling plan unlocks our best features that make it simple to manage your knowledge:

Slack and MS Teams Integrations

So your team can ask and answer questions right where they are, these integrations bring your knowledge base to your team. They can use slash commands to find pages and answer questions.

Advanced Page and Category Permissions

  • Additional user roles: Guest Users and Read-Only Users have limited permissions. They're ideal for contractors, clients, new employees, or anyone whose access to your knowledge base should be limited.
  • Page locking allows you to prevent changes to a page in Tettra, limiting edit access to only the owner of the page and admins.
  • With User Groups, you can keep a category private to only a certain group.
  • Speaking of private categories, those Invite-only Categories allow you to keep some categories private to select users or groups.

Advanced Collaboration Features

  • Verified content
  • Stale pages
  • Unowned pages

These three features and the Public Content Report are all rolled into one location in Tettra: your Content Suggestions. That page makes it easy to keep your knowledge base accurate.

Unlimited version history

Every single edit on every page is saved, and you can revert to any previous version at any time. On our Starting plan, version history is limited to the past 30 days.

Public content

Public categories allow anyone on the internet to view every page in a category. 

Page link sharing gives anyone access to just one page in your Tettra workspace.

Public categories and pages are great options for when you want to share information widely, to people who aren't users in your Tettra space.

Data Analytics

How many pages did your team view? How fresh or stale are your pages? Which pages are more popular than others? Account analytics answers all this and more--you'll receive a monthly email with your data for the previous month, or pull it any time from your Team settings page.

API Access

Tettra's API allows you to create new pages and page requests, search your Tettra pages, and ask questions.