Notion Integration Overview


Tettra's Notion integration allows you to organize the content you already have in Notion and use it to answer your team's questions.

How to set up the Notion integration

Step 1. Go to your account and click your name in the top right to access the dropdown menu and click My settings.

Once you're in your settings, click My integrations.

Step 2. Once the integration page appears, scroll down and click Connect your Notion Workspace.

Step 3. Select the workspace and pages you want to grant access to Tettra.

Organize Notion pages in Tettra categories

Adding a Notion page to a category makes them browsable and searchable by users in Tettra.

Step 1. Click the add icon on the upper right side of the screen and select Add a link.

Step 2. Select the Notion page and category/subcategory you want it to be stored in.

Once you add the link, it will show up in the category view and be searchable.

Answer Questions with Notion pages

Step 1. To answer a question with a notion page, select "attach > page or link" on the question view

Step 2. Then search for and select the appropriate Notion page.

Reference Notion pages in Tettra pages

Within a Tettra page, type  # (shift + 3) and then begin typing the name of the Notion page you want to reference. Tettra will search within Notion and present related pages so you can select the one you want.