Does Tettra allow collaborative editing?

Collaborative editing (multiple users editing a page simultaneously) is not a current feature within Tettra. Although two people can edit at the same time, we do not recommend it because they may run into conflicts like the following issue:

  • Person A saves the page while Person B is still working on it.
  • Person B then proceeds to save the page.
  • This will potentially overwrite the latest version from Person A with old content.
  • To minimize the chances of this occurring, Tettra has a collision detection feature.
  • You will be warned if another team member is currently editing the page.

The collision detection modal isn't limited to situations where a teammate is actively working on edits in an open tab. You might see this warning if one of your teammates started editing a page months ago and left the page without saving those edits.

Clicking Edit anyway in the modal will override the prompt, and any previous unpublished changes can possibly be lost. To check if a page draft is saved, follow the instructions here.

If the user is on Slack, you'll be presented with an option to Message them privately.